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Xcluder Fabric Fillers


Stop Rats, Mice and Birds In Their Tracks!!

A stainless steel non-rust material used to fill holes and cracks to prevent rats, mice, birds and pests from entering homes, buildings, offices, workshops, factories and other facilities. Available in New Zealand exclusively through Xcluder®.

The Facts

  • All XCLUDER™ products are made from coarse stainless steel and poly fibers to form an impenetrable barrier against rats, mice and pests.
  • Rodents cannot chew or push through XCLUDER™ which is 100% non toxic and harmless to the environment.
  • XCLUDER™ is a proven barrier against rodents, bed bugs, birds, bats and other pests.
  • XCLUDER™ is a permanent "Eco-Friendly" solution and will not rust or corrode over time.
  • XCLUDER™ is extremely easy to install due to its highly flexible, compressible nature. Make a quick cut, stuff it in the hole, and you're done!
  • XCLUDER™ Fill Fabric was developed for the sole purpose of providing the best exclusionary tool in the industry.


Fill starterkitfinal 

XCLUDER™ Starter Kit:

(item # 162731)

A single roll of XCLUDER (100mm wide x 3.0m long) packed in a dispenser box for easy installation. Safety shears are included for cutting XCLUDER, as well as safety gloves and installation instructions. A great way to begin your exclusion projects.

$55 each

 Fill Outdoor Dispenser

XCLUDER™ Single Roll:

(item # 162706)

A single 3.0m long roll of 100mm wide XCLUDER in a dispenser box. Offers the same coverage as a 100 foot roll of copper mesh, at less than half the price.

$45 each

 Fill xcluderbulkpack

XCLUDER™ Bulk Pack:

(item # 162707)

Five 3.0m long rolls of 100mm wide material. The most economical way to buy XCLUDER for those large exclusion projects.

$195 per box

($39 per roll, saving $6 per roll over single roll price)

 Fill 1inchstrip

XCLUDER™ Strips:

(item # 162720)

Easy to handle 25mm wide x 1.2m long XCLUDER STRIPS packed 3 rolls per bag, the perfect size for all those hard to reach area's up on the roof line, around chimney flashing, underneath indoor sinks, around out door HVAC pipes and weep holes.

$20 each

 Fill xcluder-wrap


(item #'s 162801)

Protect Cables & Wires from gnawing rodents in areas where exclusion is not practical. Made of the same tough blend of stainless steel and polyester fibers used in our trusted Xcluder™ Fill Fabric, Xcluder™ Wrap features strong, weather resistant adhesive backing that adheres securely to almost any surface. Available as 3.0m long rolls x 100mm wide.

100mm wide


$90 each

 Fill xcluderGeoProd


(item # 162777)

XCLUDER™ Geo enables you to protect expensive landscaping from damage due to burrowing and tunneling animals. Ideal for amusement parks, playgrounds, flower beds, gardens, golf courses, industrial parks, levees, canals, river banks, shopping malls and out door dining patio's. Available in 3 basis weights, Geo-900, Geo-1300 and our double-sided Geo-1800. Standard size rolls are 1800mm wide x 30m long, but are also available in other sizes.

prices based on volume by request


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