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Xcluder® offer a range of meshes and other high-quality, proven products designed to assist with your pet, animal, wildlife or pest management needs. We specialise in products that help with the exclusion or containment of animals. All of the products we sell have been tried and proven to meet or exceed the purpose they are designed for.

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Wire mesh

A wide range of high quality mesh, stainless steel mesh, rodent mesh, fence mesh. Mesh options for any animal management situation, with custom meshes to order.

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Bee mesh

High quality, corrosion resistant, long-life food grade stainless steel mesh for managing varroa mite in bee hives.

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Cat nets

Cat netting and accessories required for a D.I.Y or fully installed Catnet fence, enclosure or building attachment to protect and contain your cat, at wholesale prices.

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Raticator traps

From the inventors of the original Electric Rat Trap, 2 traps that utilize batteries to humanely exterminate rodents.

Timms small


Timm's traps

The Timms trap is one of New Zealand's most popular possum kill traps. It is made of tough polyethylene plastic, is very light (1.25kg), compact (measuring 260mm x 180mm x 165mm), and the light colour of the trap is an effective lure to the naturally curious possum.


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Trail cameras

Remote battery operated surveillance cameras, with infrared night vision, for monitoring wildlife or human activity.

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Xcluder fill fabrics

A range of high quality stainless steel fibre gap fillers and geotextile mats for cost effective exclusion of rodents and insects from buildings and structures.