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About Us

Animal exclusion and containment solutions

Xcluder®’s mission is to provide our customers with the best pest animal exclusion services (planning, advice, project management), products, and constructed solutions in New Zealand, and globally.

Xcluder® is a New Zealand-owned business, with passionate and committed directors, shareholders, and staff. The Xcluder® team has the ecological, biological, engineering, technical product, construction and practical fencing expertise and experience to ensure that scientifically proven, high quality pest exclusion solutions are provided to our customers.

We design and build fences to exclude all mammalian pests found in New Zealand (and offshore), ranging in size from juvenile mice to deer. Scientific trials and over 16 years of testing in the field have shown categorically that Xcluder® fences exclude all target pests - pests do not climb over, dig under, or get through our fences*.


*Incursions can occur as a result of nature-induced damage, human error, or inadequate fence maintenance.




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