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Timm’s Traps


Timms ontree

The Timms trap is one of New Zealand's most popular possum kill traps. It is made of tough polyethylene plastic, is very light (1.25kg), compact (measuring 260mm x 180mm x 165mm), and the light colour of the trap is an effective lure to the naturally curious possum.

Timm’s traps have proven to be very effective at controlling possums over small to moderate sized areas, such as urban gardens and gullies. The Timms trap has National Animal Welfare Approval and is approved for use in urban and rural locations. It is a safe trap that will exclude non target species provided it is baited for possums.

This easy set device can be set and sprung without risking fingers, hands or feet using the cord at the rear of the casing. When using Timms traps make sure that you:

  • Keep fingers clear of the front opening at all times.
  • Set traps in the evening and bait with a piece of fruit, such as quarter of a fresh apple or orange, or pieces of carrot. Don't use meat or fish as bait as it will attract cats to the trap.
  • Keep family pets indoors while the trap is set and inform neighbours where traps are set so they can do the same.
  • Release the set trap early morning.
  • Do not leave set traps in areas where inquisitive children and pets can access to them.
  • Replace bait every two days.

 Timms setting


Price: $49 each, plus freight.

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