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Xcluder Fence Design and Construction

Sixteen Years of Project History

Xcluder® specialise in the design and installation of fences that are both in-situ and scientifically proven to be pest proof: our designs exclude ALL target pest animals. Over the last decade, our fences have been proven to work effectively in the 'real world', over long time periods.

Xcluder® fences have been proven experimentally and/or in the real world to keep out the following animals:

mouse, Indian house shrew, ship rat, Norway rat, kiore, tenrec, mustelids (stoat, ferret, weasel), hedgehog, rabbit, hare, brushtail possum, cat, dog, pig, Indian mongoose, Javan macaque, goat, Mouflon sheep, (fallow, rusa, sambur, red deer, white-tailed deer), guttural toad and livestock (sheep, goat, cattle, horse).  Xcluder® designed fences will also exclude chameleon, badgers, mink, red fox, squirrel, cane toads, snakes, snails, and many other terrestrial animals.

Custom Fence Design

Custom design (is a crucial element) to ensure that pest exclusion can be achieved within budgets.  We are able to employ our animal behaviour and construction experience to adapt to meet the specific needs of customers.

We are always happy to discuss your project. Please feel welcome to contact Xcluder® for further information.

Pest Proof Fence Designs

Xcluder® 'Wairakei' Fence


Xcluder® Wairakei Fence at the International Wairakei Golf Course, Taupo , New Zealand.

This design option maintains the same physical dimensions as our most common design the Xcluder ®“Kiwi” fence but has alternative features.

The 'All Pest' Fence


Xcluder ® 'All Pest' Fence at the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust, New Zealand.

Examples of this design are seen at Orokonui Sanctuary near Dunedin and the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust in the Waikato.

Fence Warranty

Xcluder® provides a warranty on fence workmanship and materials quality. We utilise a range of well-known materials in our fences that have recognised life expectancy and quality specifications.

We have designed the fences so that sections or materials can be replaced without having to completely strip large parts of the fence.

Xcluder® Fence Components

For a pest fence to be fully effective and for pest eradication to be achieved the constructed fence must be 100% effective at excluding all target pests around its entire perimeter. Waterways, drains, gates, and abutting fences must all be pest-proof. Xcluder® have designed, developed, water gates and fish passages, pedestrian gates, vehicle geates, automated gates, and electronic surveillance, tested, and implemented various specialised components.